Everything under control with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS X

Every Outline's enclosure equipped with iMode can be controlled using an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and Mac OS X, with native applications, in real time, via WiFi. 

Outline APPs are downloadable from Apple Store’s Productivity category. Here they are:

Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. iSP line array system

Download APP

iSM 112 - 115 - 212 stage monitor series

Download APP

DVS 12P/15P iSP - DVS 115/118 SW iSP - FLYSUB 15 iSP - DBS 18-2 iSP 

Download APP

iP24 iMode Digital Loudspeaker Processor 

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For example during a concert, this offers the advantage of being able to control a Line Array made up of various elements with the aid of just a tablet.

This is the case with the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. and its “companion” Flysub 15 subwoofer. In the specific case of Mini-COM.P.A.S.S., the APP also “governs” the sixteen possible combinations of horizontal dispersion (60° to 150°) that this system - unique on the international compact line array scenario - puts at system engineers’ disposal.


Note: the video is in Italian language; the subtitles in English -

Image caption: screen shot of the new iSM Series (stage monitors) APP

Image caption: Outline's full APP package


Augmented reality: simulate the stage on an iPad screen

Once the line array has been installed alongside the stage (the real one!) the iPad is used to photograph the system. The reality is then “reproduced” on the screen: the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. modules are dragged and overplayed on the (real) ones just photographed.

But that’s not all: the pinch-to-zoom function enables each individual enclosure to be enlarged or reduced to precisely match the photograph, exactly as normally done with other images on a tablet computer (a face, panorama, etc.).

What better “interaction” could there be between virtuality and reality? From audio technician’s point of view, knowing that the system shown on his iPad corresponds precisely to the real one is of fundamental importance.


Note: the video is in Italian language; the subtitles in English -



iMode “feels” the movement of “wings”

The power of iMode technology is exploited better by a Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. VLA than by Outline point source systems, thanks in particular to the former’s  unique feature: adjustable horizontal directivity with a very wide range of variation: from 60 to 150 degrees.

Moving the “wings” (the sides of the waveguide) in sixteen possible combinations - including asymmetric ones - means changing acoustic radiation (directivity) conditions each time. At this point, an ingenious sensor-based recognition unit comes into play, with the job of “informing” iMode of the dispersion angle chosen by the user.

Whatever the angle is, on-axis response is always unvaried, as is phase response, by means of the “morphing” of the audio algorithm’s parameters. The position of the “wings” can also be viewed on the iPad screen in real time. In fact, iMode “perceives” the physical movement carried out manually by the user on the enclosure and immediately displays it on the screen.

This instant feedback to the tablet is not easily expressed in words but, seen under effective working conditions, is a clear demonstration of the concept of sensor applications, and the resulting benefits.


The Power-LED immediately shows which cabinet is being regulated

Users holding their iPad, at 40 metres from the audio system, need to know which cabinet they are working on. So they touch the cabinet on the App’s main screen and a powerful LED lights up on the front of the relative enclosure.

The LED can be clearly seen, even in daylight. There is no risk of mistakes - this identifies the physical position of each individual enclosure within the line array. The same goes for the stage monitors, point source systems and subwoofers.


Linux on board

iMode “runs” on a Linux operating system, with its advantages (fundamental in important IT applications, such as military and hospitals) in terms of stability and interoperability.



A platform ready to interact with tomorrow’s hardware

Since nobody knows precisely what the future has in store for us, we bore this in mind when developing our technology. The iMode platform has no limits as far as future development is concerned, as it is not restricted by proprietary DSP software. The project is based on Outline’s custom operating system, i.e. the “core” of the technology, which can be carried over to new hardware as soon as it is available. This is why iMode is a platform destined to be a reference point for many years to come.


iMode at a glance

Outline loudspeaker systems equipped with iMode technology:

--> receive control and monitoring signals over a standard Ethernet network by using a computer (PC or Mac), Tablet or Smartphone (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).

--> Are “all-in-one” – everything is on-board. EQ, compressors, crossovers, matrices, DSP or any other outboard units are not required. This means greatly simplified system transport, storage and cabling, resulting in a considerable reduction in costs.

--> Are limitless. It is possible to control a single enclosure, a group, an entire line array, or individual enclosures in a line array. They can be used with absolutely any system.

--> iMode runs on Linux, so is very flexible, open to future evolution and able to interact with tomorrow’s "intelligent" devices.

--> Audio quality is the highest currently available (up to 24 bit/192 kHz), ensuring greater dynamics and crystal-clear sonic reproduction. We consider the audio chain as a whole and not each individual component.

--> iMode offers Raised Cosine filtering technology, for a really superior precision

--> iMode offers an extremely advanced WFIR processing on the input channel, a double dynamic processor (peak/RMS) and up to 2 seconds delay for each channel. All this on every single enclosure.

--> iMode Technology is now available to control external amps and passive sound systems thanks the new iP24 iMode Digital Loudspeaker Processor (learn more

The loudspeaker components FULLY exploit their electro-acoustic potential, thanks to the iMode Technology


From Outline R&D

iMode was conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy by Outline. We are constantly working on new functions to ensure even simpler more sensational control of our loudspeaker systems. Thank you for viewing!


-- Outline’s proprietary iMode technology | Texts originally written in Italian by Michele Noselli - English translation by Mike Clark | Videos by Daniele Pagani --