The Vision Behind our iMode Technology

Modern loudspeaker systems require more control than those of the past.

Adjusting their electroacoustic parameters to meet even the most extreme requirements in the fastest most user-friendly manner has become indispensable.

The question Outline R&D staff asked themselves before developing the solution for this matter was the following:

how could the “dialogue” between system engineers and loudspeaker systems be improved?

This question led to another: how could loudspeaker control be made easier, more enjoyable and more powerful than it had ever been in the past?

And also: was it possible to control a line array (completely) with just an iPad, and no other kind of aid?

This resulted in the birth of iMode - the Intelligent Digital Loudspeaker Multi-Control Platform.



What is iMode?

Outline iMode is proprietary technology, conceived to re-think the state of the art in the world of loudspeaker system control.


< iMode card is fully engineered and manufactured in Italy by Outline



“Intelligent” platform. Why?

First of all because it enables the loudspeaker enclosure to “interact” with the other elements in the system, just like on a social network. In fact, every cabinet equipped with iMode is able to receive feedback from the user - FOH/system engineer, audio consultant, etc. - but is also able to send feedback, providing real information on its operating status, with an unprecedented level of precision.



How does iMode look?

The technology is integrated in the cabinets of Outline’s self-powered loudspeaker systems (see the photo). The only visible clues to its existence, on enclosures’ rear panels, are the Ethernet ports, a small multi-function button and the analogue/AES3 digital input.


< Rear panel of Outline Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. iSP (iMode-equipped)


What about passive systems?

In a major advancement of Outline’s proprietary iMode Processing Platform, it's now possible to control external amplifiers and passive sound reinforcement systems via the brand new iP24 iMode Digital Loudspeaker Processor (more details in the next pages).


iP24 Digital Loudspeaker Processor front panel >


How does iMode work?

Directly from the computer to the loudspeaker enclosure.

This is the basic principle of this unique Outline technology. Every Outline loudspeaker system equipped with “iMode” has a PC, network and Web site on board. 

Users therefore access a computer, not a loudspeaker enclosure, “navigating” in the enclosure’s core using a normal Web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Summing up: a PC in the cabinet, with a Web site that is used as a control unit of the actual enclosure. Anything that has to be “communicated” to the enclosure is done via “its” Web page.



The obvious substantial difference compared to competitors is that there is nothing - no processor, matrix, software or other equipment - between the computer and the loudspeaker system...except the Web.


Image caption (left): iMode is an ALL-IN-ONE concept, pushed to the maximum! Everything is on-board. EQ, compressors, crossovers, matrices, DSP or any other (expensive) outboard units ARE NOT required -


The “patient” is always under control

To use a medical example, it could be said that iMode keeps the “patient” (the enclosure) constantly monitored. The native App enables a (self-diagnosis) test signal to be fed to the system in order to check its perfect operation.

The impedance of each individual channel is measured to establish its “status”. The impedance can also be measured on the music signal.

For the audio chief of a rental company of any size, a rapid check-up of the enclosures before a concert – or between gigs – can make the difference. This will make it easier to ensure a top grade service to the system’s end users.


-- Outline’s proprietary iMode technology | Texts originally written in Italian by Michele Noselli - English translation by Mike Clark | Videos by Daniele Pagani --